Warranty Boosts

How to purchase a Warranty Boost

Every Horizon machine automatically comes with strong warranty protection that includes access to our customer support center and nationwide service network. When you purchase a warranty boost, you’ll get an additional warranty package that has longer coverage, so you won’t have to worry about future equipment problems that could derail your workout plans. All warranty boosts cover failure due to normal wear and tear, power surges, accidental damage, and more! If you are interested in adding a warranty boost onto an order for a previously purchased machine, please enter your order number in the space above and hit submit for details. If you have questions, contact our Customer Experience Team at support@horizonfitness.com.

Warranty boost coverage begins date of purchase and runs concurrently with the manufacturer’s warranty. For example, a three-year warranty boost will extend a product with a one-year parts and labor manufacturer’s warranty by two additional years. Read the full policy details here.

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