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Studio Series Treadmills
Studio Series Treadmills logo Exclusive features. Engineered for fitness apps.

Put your heart into it

Bluetooth chest strap connects directly to fitness apps like Peloton and Zwift so you can do heart rate training.*Included with the 7.4 or 7.8 AT. Sold separately with the 7.0 AT.
Heart Rate Feedback
Studio Series Treadmills

Use your own device

Ditch the expensive built-in touchscreen and save by streaming apps on the phone or tablet you already own. In-reach media controls make it easy to connect and control your content. *Media controls included with the 7.4 or 7.8 AT.

HIIT the dial

QuickDial controls make it easy to follow along with instructor cues to increase speed or incline.
Studio Series Treadmill Motor

Never miss a beat

Horizon Studio Series treadmills featuring Rapid Sync technology are ultra responsive. Speed and incline changes are fast and seamless, important for interval classes found in Peloton, Zwift and other fitness apps.

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7.4 AT Studio
Treadmill Package:

Dumbbell Weights (2 sets)
Workout Mat
Resistance Band Set
Heart Rate Monitor
Standard Shipping
Lifetime Frame & Motor Warranty
Peloton App $13/mo


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Competitor Tread

Dumbbell Weights (2 sets)
Workout Mat
Resistance Band
Heart Rate Monitor
Delivery & Assembly
12 Month Limited Warranty
Peloton Subscription $39/mo


Save $1,189 in the first year!

Costs based on package price plus 1-year Peloton App membership. 7.4 Package cost based on 5 lb and 20 lb weight selection. Cost varies based on customer selections.