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100% Guarantee

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Maximum Results, Minimum Time

The Workout Cardio Machines
Sprint 8

Ready to maximize your athletic potential?

Shatter your limits and transform your body with the exclusive Sprint 8 program. Unlike traditional exercise, this scientifically-validated program uses short bursts of maximum-intensity exercise to activate fast-twitch muscle fiber and stimulate natural human growth hormone, building lean muscle and cutting body fat by up to 27%.

How it Works


Lose up to 27% in fat in 8 weeks


Just 20 min, 3 times a week


Available with the touch of a button

Sprint 8 produces significant results in efficient 20-min workouts that you can fit into your schedule. And it’s easy to get started — this exclusive sprint-intensity workout is pre-programmed and available at the touch of a button on select Horizon Fitness equipment.

I’ve been doing sprint 8 three times per week for two months. I’ve never before been as impressed with an exercise program as I am with sprint 8. It is never easy, but with results like this, it’s worth it.

~ Rob. H

The Workout

The balance of 30 seconds of intensity and 90 seconds of recovery is the ideal ratio to achieve weight-loss and performance results. Each 30 second sprint is performed at an all-out intensity. Following each sprint is a 90-second period of active recovery. If you feel recovered in less than 90 seconds, work harder in the next sprint to realize the full impact of the HGH release, which is the core of why Sprint 8 is so effective.

Anyone can do Sprint 8

Sprint 8 includes custom settings for every fitness level. For beginners, an “all out sprint” might be a fast walking pace. Advanced athletes can use Sprint 8 to improve performance. As long as you are pushing yourself, you will realize remarkable results. Sprint 8 fights the symptoms of aging and improves energy levels in short 20-min sessions, which means it’s perfect for aging adults or busy parents who struggle to find the time to workout.

The simple beauty of Sprint 8: you will never adapt to it, because as your fitness level rises, so does the difficulty level. You’ll never outgrow sprint 8 because the goal grows with your capacity.

~ Jerry B.
This program has increased my self-esteem and sense of well-being. You can truly maximize your benefits in minimal time with sprint 8.

~ Regina C.

Sprint 8 Cardio Machines

The exclusive, fat-blasting Sprint 8 workout is pre-programmed and available at the touch of a button on these cardio machines.

7.4 AT Treadmill


Speed & incline dials for fast transitions. Robust performance training frame. Highly responsive motor for interval changes. Extra-large running surface.

22 x 60
XL deck
3.75 CHP
& HR Strap
Sprint 8


7.8 AT Treadmill


Speed & incline dials for fast transitions. Most powerful deck and motor combo. Large, multi-color feedback display. 20-min fat-burning program.

22 x 60
XL deck
4.0 CHP
& HR Strap
Sprint 8