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In-Room Delivery & Assembly $239
Scheduled delivery to the room of your choice, full assembly and packaging removal. Free returns.

In-Room Delivery $119
Scheduled delivery to the room of your choice within one flight of stairs. Free returns.

Enhanced Delivery $59
Scheduled threshold delivery. Free returns.

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Package delivery to your property, the rest is up to you.

Select your shipping option in checkout. Shipping time varies by product. Delivery is performed during business hours, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday-Friday. Restrictions apply. Economy Shipping only in select markets. To read full shipping details, please visit our policies page.

As low as 0% APR

0% APR, UP TO 36-MO*

Reach your fitness goals with convenient financing options

There’s a financing option for you and your lifestyle. Find a monthly payment that works with your budget with a 6-, 12-, 18- or 24-month 0% APR* plan. 36-month plans available on machines $999 and up. Secure financing options are offered though the Horizon Financing program, in partnership with Citizens. Applying is quick and easy, simply select “Checkout with financing” in checkout.

*Offer available on this purchase when charged to a Horizon Financing Account. Terms of promotion apply from date of purchase until the purchase is paid in full. Promotional offers may be based on creditworthiness. Limited time offer. Minimum purchase requirements may apply. Regular account terms apply to non-promo purchases. Standard Purchase APR: 29.99%. Click here for important information about Rates and Fees and to read the Citizens Line of Credit Agreement for full terms and conditions. Horizon Financing account issued by Citizens Bank, N.A.

100% Guarantee

100% Guarantee

Get a great workout, guaranteed

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your machine, just return it in 30 days for a full refund. It’s that easy. Returns are 100% on us when you select Enhanced Delivery or above. That means no restocking or return shipping fees.

To read the full guarantee policy details, please visit our policies page.

Software Updates

Horizon Fitness recommends all customers update their console software prior to first use. Follow the installation instructions for your console and operating system. Please note that your USB stick will need to be formatted to FAT32 prior to copying the software files to it.

Software updates should be performed according to these installation instructions. (PDF)

⚠️ Performing this update will erase previously saved user data and reset your equipment’s console to its factory default settings. If you’re unsure whether your equipment needs an update, please contact Customer Technical Support to verify.

⚠️ Caution: Software updates are for customers in North America only. Consult your local customer service for updates before downloading if you are outside of North America. View Software Updates for customers outside of North America. Installing incorrect software may result in irreversible damage.

View Passport Player software updates

Horizon Fitnessfirmware updates

Models Firmware Additional Files
Elite R7 Bike, Elite U7 Bike, Horizon Elite E7 Elliptical, Horizon Elite T7 Treadmill, Adventure 3 Treadmill, Adventure 5 Treadmill, Evolve 5 Elliptical, Evolve 3 Elliptical WIFI Module Firmware for ViaFit (771.17 KB) Firmware PDF (2.16 MB)

Horizon Fitnesssoftware updates

Models Software Additional Files
Treadmill T101-05 (TM486 or TM734) Treadmill T101-05_S1.12 (108.38 KB)
Treadmill T202-04 (TM492 or TM726) Treadmill T202-04_V3.002 (109.52 KB)
Treadmill T303-02 (TM1004 or TM761) Treadmill T303-02_V2,001 (104.24 KB)
Treadmill 7.0AT-01 (TM704) Treadmill 7.0AT-01_V4.001 (112.16 KB)
Treadmill 7.0AT-03 (TM1002C or TM765) Treadmill 7.0-03_V5.001 (100.41 KB)
Treadmill 7.4AT-01 (TM499 or TM746) Treadmill 7.4AT-01_V3.002 (115.85 KB)
Treadmill 7.4AT-02 (TM499B or TM746B) Treadmill 7.4AT-02_V4.002 (117.41 KB)
Treadmill 7.8AT-02 (TM758B or TM1000C) Treadmill 7.8AT-02_V1.003 (110.1 KB)
Treadmill Elite T7 (TM475) Treadmill Elite T7_V4.004 (116.53 KB)
Treadmill Elite T7-02 (TM475C) Treadmill Elite T7-02_V5.005 (208.42 KB)
Treadmill Elite T9-2 (TM724) Treadmill Elite T9-02_V4.003 (123.77 KB)
Elliptical Elite E7 (EP585) Elliptical Elite E7_V5.011 (107.19 KB)
Elliptical EX 59-03 (EP716) Elliptical EX59-03_S3.01 (90.44 KB)
Elliptical 7.0AE (EP703) Elliptical 7.0AE-V5.001 (112.77 KB)
Elliptical LS15.0E (EP572) Elliptical LS15.0E_V1.004 (8.54 MB)
Peak Trainer HT5.0 (EP031-) Peak Trainer HT5.0_V2.007 (89.39 KB)
Treadmill T5-02_V5.002 Treadmill Elite T5-02_V5.002 (118.88 KB)