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Two ways to travel

Virtual Active

Virtual Active technology makes every workout an adventure. With high-definition footage and coordinated ambient sounds, you can experience journeys through stunning worldwide destinations — all without leaving your home.

Passport Player

The Passport Player lets you experience Virtual Active technology on a bigger screen by connecting your home entertainment system to your Passport Ready treadmill, elliptical or exercise bike.

Running with Passport

How does the Passport Player work?

The Passport Player connects to your home entertainment system and guides you through inspiring locales while displaying workout data on your television screen. Passport is interactive, responsive and seamless. That means you’ll really climb hills and soar down stairways as you incline or resistance changes automatically to match the screen.

The Passport Player comes with a remote control, HDMI cable, RCA cable, power adaptor, USB stick and owner’s guide. Passport Player has outputs for S-Video, CVBS, L, R and HDMI.

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Virtual Active machines

Look for treadmills, ellipticals and exercise bikes marked with this icon. They come with Virtual Active technology built in. Just turn them on and go! Or, use with the Passport Player to experience the visuals on your television.

Passport Ready machines

Look for treadmills, ellipticals and exercise bikes marked with this icon. These machines are compatible with Passport Player. Purchase the machine and player separately to experience Virtual Active technology on your television.

Expand your horizons

Collect these additional packs, compatible with Virtual Active machines and Passport Player. Each collection comes preloaded on a USB stick — just plug it in and off you go!

Running with Passport

Passport Pack A

When used with your Passport Player or compatible Virtual Active machine, this pack takes your workout to some of the most captivating parts of the world including secluded beaches, adventurous New Zealand trails and lake shores, Vancouver's historic Gastown district, and the enchanting coastline of the French Riviera. With urban adventures, mountain explorations and journeys along forested trails, this selection of courses covers every kind of terrain.


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Passport Pack B

When used with your Passport Player or compatible Virtual Active machine, you can see the sights you've dreamed of visiting and return as often as you like. This selection of courses includes equal measures of history and majesty around every turn and includes the deserts of California's Death Valley, the splendor of Maine's Acadia National Park, the quintessential charm of Parisian boulevards and the breathtaking glaciers in Canada's British Columbia.


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Passport Pack C

Travel coast-to-coast in America, skip over to Europe and stop over in New Zealand, all in a matter of days. Experience amazing sites including New Zealand's dormant volcanoes, Arizona's crimson canyons, Italy's Alpine passes and New England's radiant fall colors. Working out doesn't get any more worldly than this.


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