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Keeping track of your health is easier than ever with ViaFit.™

Let your cardio machine log your workouts for you.

Track every workout, even the ones you do outside or at the gym.

Seamlessly share data between your favorite third-party apps.

Keep pace with your goals by seeing the total picture of your activity.

Achieve more, manage less

ViaFit™ enables your exercise equipment to share your workout data with your favorite fitness apps and other tracking devices and is available on select Horizon Fitness and Vision Fitness machines. With ViaFit, you’ll never have to manually enter your workouts anywhere because your machine will do it for you. Simply visit to connect your equipment, track your efforts and set your goals. Your workouts will never be the same.

Lose more with a winning team

Food journaling is an effective tool for lasting weight loss. Pair it with regular exercise, and the vibrant lifestyle you’ve always wanted will be yours.

ViaFit connects your exercise equipment with the best wellness devices and apps, including the popular food journal MyFitnessPal. Combining your workout feedback with MyFitnessPal’s vast nutrition database will help you reduce your net calorie intake and reach your weight and fitness goals faster.

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