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Sprint 8


Sprint 8: Research

Shane Akers

Fishers, IN
Winner of the 2012 Sprint 8 Challenge

I’ve always been the guy who would go to the gym to lift weights, but would never put in the time to do cardio. The Sprint 8 challenge was something I could complete within 20 minutes and could vary the types of cardio so I did not get bored. I found out about the Sprint 8 challenge on 1/9 so I began a week late at around 222.8 pounds and 20.5% BF. Currently I’m at 213.4 pounds and 18.5%BF and my goal is to be below 200 before May. I’m sure Sprint 8 will get me there.

Shane Akers, before Sprint 8 Shane Akers, after Sprint 8

Maura Anders

East Northport, NY

On 12/4/06, I weighed 257 lbs… I was tired all the time and did not have much energy. I did the Sprint 8 program anywhere from three to five days a week… I also took L-glutamine each time before I worked out [per Phil Campbell’s suggestion in his book]. At the end of the six weeks, I had lost 20 lbs. and was feeling great. I had a lot more energy; I was not tired and not looking to take a nap during the day. There was a significant decrease in my triglycerides; my HDL increased. My co-workers made many remarks on how great I was looking… I have gone down two pants sizes!

Maura Anders, before Sprint 8 Maura Anders, after Sprint 8

David Borkowski

Bethesda, MD

At my second total knee replacement, my doctor used the word ‘obese’ (unacceptable)! I was concerned about getting quality exercise without risking damage to my new joints. This [Sprint 8 Challenge] experience was wonderful (great results, low impact, no trauma to knees), challenging and fun. My weight is down 20 lbs. and falling! My cholesterol level is down 61%. The ‘Ready, Set, Go! Synergy Fitness’ book is an amazing adjunct to the program. I plan to ‘use’ (Sprint 8) on my Vision Fitness elliptical for the next six months as preparation for the Marine Corps Marathon. It’s great for reaching my goals…excellent motivation!

David Borkowski, before Sprint 8 David Borkowski, after Sprint 8

Craig Kelly

Spartan Fitness - St. Johns, NL

After having my daughter in late September of 2011, I found myself not getting my workouts in, lacking energy and gaining unwanted weight, especially on my midsection. In doing the Sprint 8 workouts on my Vision Fitness equipment, I was able to regain my energy level, be more positive and drop 17 unwanted pounds.

Sprint 8 has allowed me to squeeze in cardio workouts where I could not before with a small infant. If you can’t find 20 minutes, 3 to 4 days a week, then you are not trying hard enough. Sprint 8 is on my schedule 3 to 4 days a week, every week from now on!

Craig Kelly, before Sprint 8 Craig Kelly, after Sprint 8

Tim Dalluhn

2nd Wind Exercise Equipment – Coon Rapids, MN
Winner of the 2012 Sprint 8 Dealer Challenge

When I first saw the sprint 8 challenge I was a little skeptical about the kind of results I would achieve, but at 47 years old I thought I would give it a try. I was in my best shape about ten years ago but the last few years I have found myself working out less and eating more. I didn’t like the kind of shape I was in. I figured the sprint 8 challenge would give me some motivation to get back in shape.

At the start I figured how hard can it be? 20 minutes 3 times per week shouldn’t be too hard right? The first week seemed pretty easy because I was just figuring out what level to train at. As I started to increase my intensity levels I started to realize how good a workout you can get in a short period of time. You really get out of a fitness program what you put into it. As we get older yes it does get harder to stay in shape but if there is a fountain of youth it is activity. Your body is meant to be active not idle.

Well at the end of the 8 weeks I had lost 15 pounds but what was even better is that my body fat level had gone from an unhealthy 27% down to 18%. So even though the scale says I had only lost 15 pounds I had actually lost 22 pounds of fat but gained 7 pounds of muscle at the same time!

I can definitely say the sprint 8 program works. I have definitely increased my endurance, I have more energy, and I feel great. I am going to continue on with the program and hope to get my body fat below 10% before summer. Thanks sprint 8 for giving me a new way to train.

Tim Dalluhn, before Sprint 8 Tim Dalluhn, after Sprint 8

Lois Ponto

Regina, SK, Canada

I am 50 years old and recently bought your bike for my home. I read about the Sprint 8 Challenge and decided to give it a whirl, having no extreme expectations prior to beginning. The ‘after’ results have not only impressed me, but my family and friends, as well…

First off, I have built up endurance. I began on Level 1 and am now on Level 7 of the program. My cholesterol and blood pressure are doing really well…and [I’ve] gone down a size in clothing. I have been a compulsive over-eater throughout my life. I tend to turn to junk foods in large quantities. I have lost five pounds since being on the Sprint 8 Challenge and, for me, that is wonderful, as I went through the Christmas and New Year’s seasons without binging on junk food or gaining weight. My physician feels this is amazing given my challenges and struggles in this area. The one thing I never expected to see occur through using the bike was the improvement in my quads. For the last six years, I have been unable to squat and get back up by myself without really pushing myself up with my hands. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to squat and stand back up without help…

I would like to thank those responsible for setting up the Sprint 8 Challenge, as it has made a large impact on my life. I feel happier, healthier, and ready to conquer new things. At the age of 50,…I know I will be better fit and able to enjoy grandchildren some day. My daughter and husband are now planning to take the Challenge in our home since seeing the results in me.

Lois Ponto, before Sprint 8 Lois Ponto, after Sprint 8

Daniel Edwards

Shawnee, KS

I can’t say enough about how great our Vision Fitness® treadmill is. My wife and I purchased it to start getting a little exercise. Upon learning about the Sprint 8 Challenge, we decided to dig in and take our health more seriously. The challenge was a lifesaver because our baseline labs showed my cholesterol was 302! In an effort to avoid going on cholesterol-lowering medication, I did everything I could. In less than six weeks of using the Sprint 8 feature daily, eating healthier foods, and taking vitamins and L-glutamine [recommended in Phil Campbell’s book], my cholesterol went down 84 points… I lost 20 lbs. and feel great! I’ve told many people about my treadmill, and my brother-in-law is ready to buy! My wife, my doctor, and I are all amazed with the results of your program.

Daniel Edwards, before Sprint 8 Daniel Edwards, after Sprint 8

Lynda Last

Hanmer, ON, Canada

I feel better. I am motivated to exercise and put me first during those 20 minutes a day. A colleague asked me where the energy level was coming from… Breathing power (wow)…at the beginning of the Challenge I felt as though I could never breathe enough to fill my lungs and now, watch out, I can blow the house down! I am a trumpet player and this ‘full’ breath that I can now take permits me to play longer and stronger. I feel ready for my upcoming softball season (bring it on!). Look at my stats: cholesterol is down…I could possibly get off my medication; blood pressure is down…it is the best it has ever been [in over nine years]; weight was down by six pounds at end of Challenge [actually down 16 pounds now!]; lost an inch from my waist [four inches now!]. Thank you for such a wonderful product, and thank you for initiating this Challenge; both are superb!

Lynda Last, before Sprint 8 Lynda Last, after Sprint 8

Janet Rockwell

Pittsburgh, PA

My results at the end of the Challenge include weight loss (5-1/2 lbs.), more energy, muscle tone, lower blood pressure, and I’ve lost inches off the waist and a ½-inch from the arms. Others have noticed my weight loss! Sprint 8 is great because I have time to do it.

Janet Rockwell, before Sprint 8 Janet Rockwell, after Sprint 8

Rick Black

Bartlesville, OK

By the end of the Challenge, I had lost 13 lbs., reduced my systolic blood pressure by 25 points, quit snoring, gained flexibility, felt and looked better, and reduced my total cholesterol by 43 points. My cholesterol was considered borderline high before the Challenge (231) and is now at a desirable level (188)!

Rick Black, before Sprint 8 Rick Black, after Sprint 8

Thomas Beever

Clarkston, MI

A few weeks ago, at age 47, I had my first ride in an ambulance to a nearby hospital due to chest pains and shortness of breath. This was caused by the stress of working long hours running my own business… I have lifted weights my whole life but never made time for daily cardiovascular exercise. I found that my body weight/fat was going up no matter what I did. I have tried almost every fad diet program on the market with no long-term success or benefit. My cardiologist told me that I had to start doing cardio five to six times a week for the rest of my life. I had to make a lifestyle change…

I researched fitness equipment at stores and on the internet and found I was most impressed with the Vision Fitness equipment with the Sprint 8 program. The 20-minute workout was perfect for me. My goal [was] to lose 10 lbs. or more, gain back my stamina, lower my cholesterol, and live to be a grandfather some day. After six weeks of using my Vision Fitness semi-recumbent bike, I lost over 12 lbs. of fat. The muscles in my legs toned up and got much stronger. My energy level and stamina increased significantly… My family and friends tell me how fit and healthy I look, especially to my wife, who says that I look sexier than ever. I love the Sprint 8 program because it does not take much time and has made exercising much more enjoyable! Thank you Vision Fitness and Phil Campbell for helping me improve my quality of life!

Thomas Beever, before Sprint 8 Thomas Beever, after Sprint 8

Russ Pinkerton

Levelland, TX

At the end of the Challenge, I dropped six pounds, lost about one inch from my waistline, and can now touch my toes from the standing position. My muscle tone is better, especially in my legs. My bad cholesterol (LDL) lowered by 18 points, and I have more energy at work. I hope to continue my weight loss with another 20 pounds dropped by the end of June.

Russ Pinkerton, before Sprint 8 Russ Pinkerton, after Sprint 8

Carol Mitchell

Iron Mountain, MI

I have been fortunate to inherit good genes. My blood pressure and cholesterol levels have always been good. After age 40, however, my weight has gradually crept up to the current 165 lbs. In addition, I have a protruding ‘jelly belly’ that I don’t like. My goals [were], by the end of the Challenge, to lose 10 lbs. and have a waist that is two inches smaller. As a mother of seven, I want to be more energetic and in shape to keep up with my family.

Carol Mitchell, before Sprint 8 Carol Mitchell, after Sprint 8

Chris Rouire

Brandon, MB, Canada

In six weeks, I reached my short-term goal of losing nearly six pounds. My blood pressure has improved. It was nice to see a normal LDL, which is always high. …I definitely noticed muscle toning happening. I’m very impressed with my six-week results and am looking forward to the next step. Sprint 8 is an excellent program. The 20-minute workout fits into my busy, young-family-of-four schedule.

Chris Rouire, before Sprint 8 Chris Rouire, after Sprint 8

Christina Quaine

Grosse Pointe Woods, MI

I lost 23 pounds and inches off of my chest, waist, hips, thighs and arms!
Christina Quaine, before Sprint 8 Christina Quaine, after Sprint 8

Gordon Kari

Tucson, AZ

Two years ago, I sprained both knees in a skiing accident. I could barely walk; forget about walking fast or running! Sprint 8 changed all that. My knees are fine now. I could not believe it! I am on Level 5 [of the program] now and have lost five pounds. My blood pressure has come down, and I have more energy. My waistline is also decreasing!

Gordon Kari, before Sprint 8 Gordon Kari, after Sprint 8

Joe Jacobs

Erie, PA

After the six-week Challenge, my weight has stayed the same. I credit this to my weight lifting [muscle weighs more than fat]. The muscle tone in my legs is much improved. I started at Level 3 [of the program] and am now at Level 9!

Joe Jacobs, before Sprint 8 Joe Jacobs, after Sprint 8

Jim Cragle

Chico, CA

By the end of the Challenge, I lost 14 lbs.! My blood pressure has lowered, and my cholesterol dropped 65 points. I’ve noticed an increase in my energy level.

Jim Cragle, before Sprint 8 Jim Cragle, after Sprint 8

Harriet Feick

Copley, OH

I was 220 pounds when I started the program. Not only did I lose 10 pounds, I lost 7.5% body fat! I have more tone and definition throughout my body. I am wearing clothes that I couldn’t even zip before the challenge. My resting heart rate has dropped 8 beats per minute! The first 4-1/2 weeks was on Level 1—this really works!

Harriet Feick, before Sprint 8 Harriet Feick, after Sprint 8

Linda Pauer

Sutton, ON, Canada

Over the last three years, I have slowly lost 35 lbs. with diet and exercise. Sprint 8 has helped me with the last bit I’ve wanted to lose. After the six-week Challenge, I lost five pounds and a ½-inch from my waist. I would normally put on weight over my birthday and Christmas season, so I’m quite happy with the results. My muscle tone is much improved.

Linda Pauer, before Sprint 8 Linda Pauer, after Sprint 8

Michelle Falkenstein

Regina, SK, Canada

At the end of the Challenge, I achieved a weight loss of eight pounds. My overall cholesterol level has been reduced, and I am now within the ‘normal’ range. I feel better about myself. This program has increased my self-esteem and sense of well-being. You can truly maximize your benefits in minimal time with Sprint 8! Only 20 minutes of cardio training, three times per week, worked for me. I will continue until I reach my goal weight!

Michelle Falkenstein, before Sprint 8 Michelle Falkenstein, after Sprint 8

Jeanette Winslow

East Helena, MT

My goal for the Challenge was to lose 10 lbs.; I lost 14! I wanted to lose at least three inches from my waist; I did, plus I lost inches from my hips and chest. I wanted to lower my cholesterol by 25 points; I was able to lower it 36 points. I wanted to get into pants I bought last fall (one size smaller than current); I am fitting into pants from two years ago!

Jeanette Winslow, before Sprint 8 Jeanette Winslow, after Sprint 8

Norman Anders

East Northport, NY

I lost 12 lbs.! I feel a lot better and have more energy. My cholesterol dropped by 28 points.

Norman Anders, before Sprint 8 Norman Anders, after Sprint 8

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