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Fitness equipment that fits your home and your life.

When you can’t fit the gym into your schedule, Horizon Fitness gym equipment lets you fit your workout into your home.

Our compact fitness equipment is perfect for a living space of any size. Our equipment is quiet, too, so you can get all sweaty without getting your household all hot and bothered. And with a variety of fitness equipment choose from – treadmills , bikes , ellipticals and a rower – picking the right machine for your workout goals is a cinch. We know finding the time to exercise isn’t easy, but our simple-to-use fitness equipment makes it easier to squeeze it in almost any time the day or night.

Shop fitness equipment for your home

Fitness equipment that works as hard as you do.

No matter how hard you push yourself, Horizon fitness equipment will hang tough with you. Our workout machines are as durable as they come. We invest in the strongest materials and build our equipment to last because, just like you, we like things we can count on. Designed for stability, you’ll always feel safe and secure on Horizon fitness equipment – these machines just can’t be rocked or rattled.

Fitness equipment that fits your home

You want your place to feel like home, not like a fitness center. We’ve designed our fitness equipment to take as little space is possible, so you can use your living space for living when you’re done using it for working out. We build some of the best compact treadmill machines, featuring hydraulic folding technology that makes full down and fold up a snap. The space-saving design on our rowing machine lets you fold and roll it away in seconds. And the compact footprints on our fitness bike and elliptical machine equipment let you pack a big workout into a very small space.

Which fitness equipment is right for your workout?

The right fitness equipment for you depends on the kind of workout you want. A Horizon home treadmill is perfect for walkers and runners – optimal cushioning lets you workout hard without being hard on your feet, joints and back. Horizon ellipticals offer multiple resistance levels for a low-impact workout with high-impact results. Our upright and recumbent exercise bikes provide a smooth, quiet ride so you can take a spin anytime day or night. And our rower, the Oxford 5, offers a natural and comfortable rowing motion that’s the next best thing to a boat on the water.

Shop fitness equipment for your home