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Getting the Most From Your Treadmill Incline Feature

You already know that you can increase the intensity of your treadmill workouts by running faster, but what you may not know is the many benefits of changing the treadmill  incline setting on this popular piece of home fitness equipment. If you’re working out with a goal of losing fat,...

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Interval workout basics

Interval training is one of the most effective ways to get fitter and burn more calories. The concept is simple and works for any piece of home fitness equipment. Constantly varying the intensity and anticipating your next recovery or push makes these workouts fly by. Increasing post workout demands for...

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How to Use Periodization Training in your Cardio Workout

There are many potential stumbling blocks that may pop up as you pursue your fitness goals. Plateaus, overuse injuries and even plain old boredom can all slow your progress and eventually impede your performance in competitive events. A common piece of wisdom, heard in gyms all around the world, says that variety is the...

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