Could You Benefit from Wellness Coaching?

Losing weight and becoming healthier is generally not just a matter of following a diet and exercise routine. In some cases, a complete change of lifestyle is needed. However, without proper direction and encouragement, making the decisions that will bring you closer to your goals can be a more daunting challenge than sticking to any diet or workout regimen. Wellness coaches, a growing profession, hope to fill this need.

What is a Wellness Coach?

According to wellness coach Melody Mayo writing for Life University, the role of a wellness coach can easily be compared to that of any other coach. But, while an athletic coach will work to teach you the skills needed to excel at your chosen sport, a wellness coach attempts to give you the decision-making skills that contribute to a healthy mind and body. Mayo emphasizes that unlike nutritionists or personal trainers who prescribe what course you should take, wellness coaches endeavor to show you how to incorporate those changes. Like many other wellness coaches, she believes that this individualized approach will help you to be not only healthier, but happier and more fulfilled.

Finding a Wellness Coach

Because there are no standardized certification programs for wellness coaches, anyone can simply claim the title – making it difficult to find a qualified coach you can trust. Speaking to WebMD, Margaret Moore, founder of the respected Well Coaches certification program, recommends taking your time to interview several coaches. Ask for references, testimonials and credentials before selecting your coach. Moore also suggests looking for a coach who has at least two years of one-on-one experience with clients, in addition to a year of coaching experience. A quality wellness coach will be professional and confident, while still being humble and easy to work with. You will be spending a lot of time talking with your wellness coach, so it should be someone you are comfortable being totally open and honest with. The average price for a wellness coach is between $50 and $150 per session, and most credible coaches will offer the first consultation for free.

Is Wellness Coaching for You?

Wellness coaching may not benefit everyone, however. In order to fully benefit from what a wellness coach can offer, you have to be both willing and able to change. Like so many other pursuits, your expectations at the beginning will greatly affect your satisfaction with the results. Your wellness coach will want to become familiar with many aspects of your life, while helping you to adjust your thinking in a way that lends itself to healthy decisions. Do not expect to see dramatic changes in your body immediately, or to be told some secret to rapid weight loss. Wellness coaching is ideal for people looking to make a complete and long-lasting lifestyle change.

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