I wanted to take a moment and mention how good Stan is at his job. I know that customer service and technical support can be a frustrating job at times. Generally, I'm sure he's dealing with people on a "bad" day. But his helpful demeanor on the phone and his knowledge was evident in the way he dealt with my case. I don't send these types of e-mails as much as I should, but Stan really made an impression on me with the careful explanation of what I was seeing and his patience in hearing the trouble I was having with the treadmill.

He's a good man to have on your team.

Bryn J - Burnsville, MN Feb, 2014

The customer service people that I dealt with, Kera, Laura & Kayla were all WONDERFUL! They were VERY patient and very easy to work with. My compliments to them!

Marc H - Auburn, AL Feb, 2014

Our treadmill has served us well over the years of fairly heavy use, and when we have needed it, we have received great customer service.

Ron B - Port Moody, BC Feb, 2014

I had an unfortunate accident when reinstalling the belt on my treadmill which put a hole in the belt. I was skeptical as to if there was anything you could do for me. My issue was resolved quickly and without incident. I am very very grateful for your understanding and ability to work with me on this issue. Things like this are very important to me as a customer and I will always look to Horizon Fitness first, for all of my fitness needs. Thank you very much!!

Brian W - Troy, NY Feb, 2014

I was very satisfied with the assistance I received when trying to repair my Tempo brand treadmill. The support staff were very knowledgeable and helpful. They informed me of the required steps that I would have to take if the repair part malfunctioned. The repair part (motor control board) was received without incident. We have been using the treadmill for about two weeks now since I replaced the motor control board.

Kevin T - Munster, ON Feb, 2014