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emily g. (Buffalo Grove, IL)


Great machine, minor issues.

This is a great machine. We had a really hard time finding an elliptical that could fit in our basement given the low ceiling. This one worked out great. I love the display, especially love that you can save different users so my husband and I don't have to reprogram each time. The built in fan is another great feature, it has a nice low setting so it's not blasting in your face. The audio jack is great as I can watch videos/listen to music on my iphone while i work out. One of my favorite things about the unit is the assembly instructions. Rather than give you a giant piece of paper with a big bag or parts, Horizon actually prints the instructions step by step in a large card stock 'book' i guess you would call it. Within each step, they have the tools needed for that step actually attached to the card stock and each step is separated by a line. So it's basically fool proof. I wish everything was designed with the end user in mind like that.

My only complaints so far:
* It squeaks. It's minor and I generally don't hear it with the fan and my music on.
* The space between the two arms is pretty narrow. I find that if I don't keep good form the arms can sometimes hit my boobs. Also have you ever gotten tired while riding an elliptical and put your hands over the center console to rest while you're using it? Not really doable on this machine as the arms will run into you. Again, it's probably not really a con because it forces you to maintain good form, but just wanted to point it out.

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DBB (Bear, DE)


Very impressed

Was new to the elliptical market and did quite a bit of research while wading through the countless reviews of both inexpensive and very expensive units. It appeared as if the $1,000.00 price point was where one needed to serious look at for a semi-pro unit, with the needed features, and designed to hold up after rigorous use. Picked up the EX79-02 and have been very satisfied. Have had no issues even after weeks of use, no noises, clicking or rattling, and we are now working on customizing workouts now to move beyond the stock (plentiful) programs. Highly recommended, watch out for step 2 in the install guide for a small bolt part number typo, and set it up where you want it, because it is heavy.

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HappyCustomer (Apex, NC)


Excellent so far...

Bought EX-79 about 3 months ago. Horizon replaced the broken part during delivery promptly with no issues or delays. We use the elliptical at least thrice a week for 45 minute each. The elliptical is very quiet (on a carpeted floor) and performs very well. No issues so far.. Display and the buttons are very easy to learn and use once you get a hang of it. Being able to connect my iphone for music is really nice with good speaker volume. The only reason I gave 4 star is that I don't think the elliptical is calculating the calories burnt correctly. Irrespective of the incline percentage or the level, the calorie burnt seem to be exactly the same at the end of the lap. It's not a big deal for me. But it may be for some. But overall, an excellent product and would definitely recommend it.

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Mark (Salem, VA)


Solid machine

I have had my elliptical for 3 years now and still love it. It is solid, smooth and a good value. I have used some ellipticals in the past that had the foot pads based too wide, but this one is fine for me (I am 5'8" and 165#). I admit I don't use it all the time, but there are 2 others in my house that use it, and we have had no issues. I would buy it again.

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jeff kendall (Detroit, MI)


Very smooth!

I'm trying to lose weight and keep it off. An important part of my strategy is daily walks. With winter approaching, I have been looking for a way to keep in shape when it's too nasty out to walk. Driving to the gym is something that takes extra time so I decided to get an elliptical trainer. I've also considered Nordictrack, Sole and Precor models. The sales person at Dunhams in Royal Oak was very helpful in pointing out features that were important to me. One such feature is the wheels that ride on top of tubes instead of in little troughs that can collect debris and make the elliptical less smooth to use. At first, I ordered a Nordictrack online because it cost about $200 less than the EX-59 and I cancelled my order when I saw how smooth the EX-59 is and how well it's made. I managed to find the EX-59 on clearance so I got a very good price that was not much more than the Nordictrack I had ordered earlier.

Assembly was not as easy as some reviewers here have reported. Holding 2 teflon washers in place while inserting a bolt through was not something I found to be that easy, but overall I'd say assembly was well thought out and it's obvious this thing well built.

The console is a bit basic but that doesn't bother me. It is very handy to be able to simply tap one of the resistance levels around the perimeter of the console to get the brake engaged at that resistance. The EX-59 heart rate monitor seems as accurate as the ones on the $5000 Precor and Life Fitness ellipticals at the gym. The EX-59 has no power switch so I've dedicated a power strip next to the elliptical to shut it off when I'm done.

Natural "flat ellipse" motion
Smoothness - as smooth as those $5000 commercial ellipticals at the gym
15 minutes on the elliptical can equal 45 minutes of walking

No power switch
Loud console beeps
Only 10 resistance levels

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